At NannyTainment, we believe it is more fun and easy for the caregiver when they are knowledgeable too. Thus, we expect our providers to learn all they can so they can be the best choice for families. We believe in the importance of education and continuing training for nannies, babysitters, and other childcare providers. This is why resumes of our staff list lots of coursework related to health/safety, behavior modification/discipline, cultural  tolerance and diversity, child development, nursing, and teaching. 

​NannyTainment strives to hire elite caregivers who's absolute desire is to make sure events are an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Our History!

NannyTainment Event Childcare evolved from the unique history of the company founder, Lisa Werth. Her first wedding babysitting experience happened the summer she was fourteen when her older sister asked her to watch her two-year old. Little Christopher was needed at times for things like family photos, yet at other times he had his nap-time, feedings, and bedtime. It was Lisa's role to make sure his needs were met and he stayed a happy little wedding guest. Several years and a lot of babysitting events later, Lisa was sparked with an idea. She was able to put parents at ease by being there and watching over the kids, why not make a business out of it?

And thus, NannyTainment was created! 

NannyTainment delivers specialized on-site child care services providing a nurturing, engaging, and secure setting for kids of all ages during your event! We arrive at your event with games, toys, activities, arts & crafts, music, and much more to help keep the youngsters entertained. Parents, friends, and guests can be focused entirely on the big event knowing qualified babysitters are watching their children safely nearby! 

NannyTainment is the ideal childcare solution for your next event. Whether you require hotel, wedding or convention childcare, Nannytainment is "what you do with the kids".