NannyTainment provides those who request a quote from us comprehensive information about our services in order to help you understand the importance of choosing high-quality care for the children whether it’s at a venue or in a hotel room. A lot more thought and planning is required than just going out for date night and having a college student show up to watch the kids for a few hours. We are required to carry liability insurance in order to work in many venues, the government, non-profits, and other organizations. Having this policy means there are many procedures and protocols that need adherence. It means our caregivers must meet certain requirements too, thus we pay them a fair competitive rate. Inexpensive caregiver companies don’t have these standards. They recruit low paying questionable caregivers who may not show up to work. However, we believe we can’t compromise when it comes to the safety, security, and enjoyment of the children. Peace of mind for parents is our utmost priority.

Below are common questions asked by our clients:

- Why Hire NannyTainment?

- What are the Qualifications and Backgrounds of the Caregivers?

- How Do You Keep The Children Entertained?

- What Type of Clients Have You Had In the Past?

- Where do you work? When? How Far Can You Travel?

- What sets you apart?