We Offer Our Services

To These Events:

– Fundraisers & Rallies

– Meetings & Conferences

– Conventions, Expos, and Trade Shows

– Corporate Picnics & Company Gatherings

– Funerals & Memorial Services

– & More!

– Special Festivities & Private Banquets

– Parties, for kids and adults

– Award Ceremonies & Retirement Dinners

– Bridal Showers & Baby Showers

– Weddings & Receptions

– Religious Services

- Balls & Galas

How We Plan For Your Event!
Once we find out the specifics of date, time, location, schedule of the entire event, number and ages of children we will want to find out if there is any special themes or colors that you would like us to incorporate into this special occasion for the children. We also take into consideration the season and weather possibilities, in case we have indoor and outdoor options for activities. We look at what the venue has to offer too like playgrounds, accommodations, and amenities. We review our libraries and inventories of games, songs, stories, toys, crafts, etc. that are best suited for your young guests and you. We choose caregivers with knowledge, talent, and skills that are the best fit for the ages of the children. We then plan our own timetable of what we need to do when and how to ensure a smoothly flowing event for everyone involved. We create magical memories too.

Our Preparation Includes:

- Confirming Childcare Location & Availability.
- Styling and designing of the children’s event.
- Working with planners and other coordinators of the occasion.
- Event etiquette guidance for children.
- Program Drafting.
- Managing all logistics of childcare.
- Instruct and oversee all duties of caregivers.
- Oversee childcare site(s) set-up.
- Ensure everything runs as planned.
- Supervise children during event.
- Attend to guests’ special needs.
- Create a “funtastic day!” for kids

Our Service Areas Includes:

- Washington D.C. and surrounding Metro Areas

- New York City and the Surrounding Metro Areas

- Maryland and surrounding Metro Areas

- Virginia and surrounding Metro Areas

If you are outside these areas, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you!