Why Hire NannyTainment?

Some special events, meetings, parties are not ideal settings for children. A child-friendly space with caregivers allows their parents to attend and fully join in with the other adults. Having event childcare allows parents to participate when it otherwise may not have been feasible or convenient for them to attend. NannyTainment prevents boredom and restlessness that can often lead to undesired behavior. NannyTainment knows all about safety, taking precautions, and risk management. We are inspecting our workspaces constantly. NannyTainment believes in discovery, play, and creativity. We don’t rely on videos, computers, and other electronics to engage the kids as they don’t always hold the interests or appropriate for all the ages of the children in attendance. Parents often have different views on electronics too. Plus, it can be a liability if screens aren’t properly mounted or there are too many long loose cords. Arts and crafts aren’t for everyone either. We honor children by bringing in a wide range of things to keep them entertained.